EUR 25 million worth projects are approved for funding by Law 4399/2016

Development Law (Law 4399/2016) is perhaps the most robust tool in Greece for entrepreneurial development both by domestic and foreign firms wishing to expand their activities in Greece, the EU and the wider East Med. The scheme provides tangible monetary incentives for new business development, which may reach an impressive 55% of total investment costs. A short description of the scheme in English is presented here.

TRIAENA Synergies Management and personnel hold and outstanding 100% success rate both in the submission and implementation phase of investments submitted for funding under Development Law. In other words, to-date, all proposals submitted by our team to the competent L.4399/2016 authorities for funding have been approved, successfully implemented and fully paid by the Government.

This positive record remained intact within the last Call for Proposals, where all investment proposals submitted by TRIAENA Synergies & Consulting associates and personnel were fully approved. Total approved project costs exceeded EUR 25 million and respective state aid stands at over EUR 5 million.