TRIAENA Synergies signs agreement to support PISTI Association of Parents & Guardians of Children

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TRIAENA Synergies signs agreement to support PISTI Association of Parents & Guardians of Children with Neoplastic Diseases.

PISTI is an organisation set up and ran by families of children with Neoplastic Diseases (ND). Despite the difficulties faced by PISTI members on a daily basis, the Association has been very active in supporting children with cancer to receive high level treatment and their family members to meet the multilevel challenges associated to the condition of their children.

PISTI initiatives focus mainly on the following activities:

  • PISTI employs on a full-time basis a team of 10 scientifically qualified experts (psychologists, social workers, occupational therapists, music therapists) for the psychosocial support of children and their families.
  • The Association acknowledges the abrupt changes occurring in families with children facing ND and supports families in need by providing food, clothing, utility bills coverage, etc.
  • PISTI covers the cost of specialized subclinical examinations, medicines, funerals, as well as housing costs for families that need to travel to Athens for short-stay examinations and treatments.

Main goals of PISTI currently are:

  • Strengthening the team dedicated to the psychosocial support of children - extending the size and capacity of the team, so as to provide much needed psychosocial support to the family members of ND-hit children.
  • Setting up & operation of a guest house for children and their families that need to travel to Athens for examinations and treatments.
  • Provide any means necessary to safeguard that children with Neoplastic Diseases in Greece receive high-level personalised treatment.

On November 11th, 2019 TRIAENA Synergies signed an agreement with PISTI, under which, we undertook the obligation to fully support the objectives and fund-raising activities of PISTI on a pro bono basis, as part of our CSR activities.  In TRIAENA Synergies, we all feel very privileged that PISTI has entrusted us with this agreement and we are all committed to do our best to meet the Association’s expectations.

If you wish to know more about our collaboration with PISTI or if you have any suggestions/ ideas on how maximise the benefits for children with ND and their families, please do not hesitate to contact us.