Corporate Social Responsibility

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In TRIAENA Synergies we acknowledge the importance of corporate behaviour for shaping modern societies. From the amount and quality of jobs created to business ethics and environmental footprint of business processes, corporate behaviour is a structural component of our societies.

Thus, in TRIAENA Synergies we have included entrepreneurial responsibility, empathy and solidarity to both our long-term vision and day-to-day operations, as a means to contribute towards more considerate and inclusive societies.

Currently, our CSR policies focus on three (3) main areas:

Pro bono support

Key, but not sole, component of our CSR policies is supporting selected NGOs and Charity Organisations on a pro bono basis. In TRIAENA Synergies we are proud to offer our services at no cost for selected non-profit, non-governmental organisations, thus contributing as much as possible to the amazing work they do.

Promoting NZE operations

Environmental considerations are an inherent part, both of our commercial policy and day-to-day operations. In TRIAENA Synergies we pursue Near-Zero Emissions (NZE) both internally (through targeted interventions in energy consuming operations) and externally (by treating ZE-NZE initiatives and projects preferentially).

Promotion and support of young artists

In TRIAENA Synergies we consider important to provide a contemporary view of culture and society to scholars and businesspersons wishing to expand in Greece or simply collaborate with Greek entities.

Therefore, in our offices we are privileged to exhibit the works of selected young artists with a great potential. Currently (fall-winter 2019), we host selected works of Nikos Xilakis, a painter, artwork designer and decoration artist from Athens who is considered by many to be among the most promising creators in contemporary art in the country. You can have a glimpse of his works demonstrated in our premises here.


If you wish to know more about our CSR initiatives or if you have any suggestions on how our CSR policies could be further enhanced, please do not hesitate to contact us.