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Crowdhelix Network

The European Union’s Horizon 2020 program is the largest ever initiative adopted by the European Commission for the support of Research & Innovation (R&I) in the EU. The scheme funds thousands of collaborative R&I projects globally, with an €80,0 billion budget over a period of 7 years (2014-2020). During the fourth quarter of 2020, and last quarter of Horizon 2020, 23 topics are open for the EU Green Deal call for proposals, offering 983 million for proposals to be submitted during January 2021. 

Horizon 2020 will be succeeded by “Horizon Europe”, an even more ambitious effort of the European Commission to support European R&I, with a total proposed budget of €100 billion over a 7-year period (2021-2027).

Taking into account the above, Crowdhelix Network brings together leading research institutions & innovative companies throughout the EU and beyond, to plan & deliver pioneering Horizon 2020 projects.

Crowdhelix Network is considered to be the most successful network for securing Horizon 2020 funds, extended to Horizon Europe framework. It is estimated that Crowdhelix Network members have already secured over €4,5 billion of Horizon 2020 funding, distributed among more than 7.900 collaborative projects.

Acknowledging both the importance of networking initiatives for successful participation in international R&I collaborative projects and the superiority of Crowdhelix Network over similar initiatives, TRIAENA Synergies has established a partnership with Crowdhelix Network.

Through Crowdhelix Network’s thematically specialised helixes, (the network currently runs over 20 such thematic clusters) our clients gain access to a community of excellent organisations and experts where they can share their specific R&I objectives & ideas and multiply their chances to plan and execute successful R&I projects supported by the European Commission.

At the same time, TRIAENA Synergies offers bespoke services fully covering the lifecycle of R&I projects, specifically designed to maximise the privileges and expected benefits from joining Crowdhelix Network.

Should you have any questions on how to join Crowdhelix Network and how to make the most of the European R&I Support Framework Programs, please contact:

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