Our People

TRIAENA Synergies has developed a 3-layer organisation model, ensuring augmented flexibility, optimum response to customer expectations and competitive pricing.

The first layer comprises TRIAENA Synergies management & personnel. Our people are in the heart of all the projects we undertake, ensuring deliverables meet customer expectations through their personal effort and expertise.

The second layer comprises external experts, providing targeted insight & support in line with specific project needs and workload, in areas such as IPR, Quality Assurance, legal affairs, accounting et al.

The third layer is also a crucial part of our offering since it comprises top organisations and entities in Academia & Business, with whom we have established long and trusted collaborations over the years. These organisations may implement specific project tasks or even work packages as project partners/ subcontractors to TRIAENA Synergies.

Key contributors to the company's core staff: